Benefit of Public Insurance Adjusters

Catastrophic events like natural disasters as well as other
events like fires can greatly damage your property. Due to the immense damage like hail damage that such events cause to your property, you need your insurance claim to be successful for you to get back on your feet. However, without the assistance of an insurance adjuster, you may not be able to make the right insurance claim.
Below are more reasons why you need a public insurance adjuster when making your insurance claim.

Assistance by experts

Due to their complexity, you can easily end up
misinterpreting insurance documents. If you fail to fill the documents
correctly, your claim may not be successful in terms of how you want it to be
settled. This is why you need an expert in insurance claims to take you through
the whole process and help you understand it.

Besides, since you are a victim of a major event, you may
not be in the right state to handle the documents. The public insurance
adjuster will do all the work for you as you get to terms with what happened. The
public adjuster will do all the follow-ups, paperwork as well as the
negotiations involved in making an insurance claim.


A public adjuster knows all the required steps to follow
because of that is their job. Therefore, it is very unlikely that they are
going to make mistakes. On the other hand, if you decide to do it yourself, you
may end up making serious mistakes that may cost you in the end. Therefore, it
is best to get in touch with a public adjuster before making a claim.

This will prevent you from providing the insurance company
with the wrong information, which increases the chances of your claim being
denied. The public adjuster will ensure that all the regulations and policy
rules are adhered to when making a claim.

Attractive and faster

According to a study conducted by the Office of Program and
Policy Analysis & Government Accountability (OPAGGA), people who involve
the services of public adjusters when making their insurance claim end up
receiving a bigger payout as compared to those who did not use the services of
a public adjuster in their insurance claim.

The study, conducted in the State of Florida, revealed that
public adjusters end up negotiating and getting up to 747% more insurance
settlement for the homeowner as well as commercial business insurance
properties than what the insurance company had intended to pay.

In addition to the payout being larger, you also get to
receive it faster than when you had made a claim on your own.


Whether your claim is small or big, it is always advisable
to have someone fight for your right on your behalf. The good thing is that you
can reopen that claim that was denied. Therefore, do not suffer in silence, get
in touch with the experts at Compass
Adjusting, and get the claim you deserve. With their knowledge and
experience, Compass Adjusting
experts will also make sure you get your damaged home’s claim in time.